Liven up your interior with indoor plants.



The luscious green foliage of an indoor plant is so beautiful and versatile I think it’s an absolute essential for any interior.  A well placed plant can add the pop of colour you’ve been looking for, confidently trusting mother nature’s palette of greens to sit in harmony with any colour scheme.  The shape, colour and scale can be chosen to soften the look an interior and brighten up a dead space.

Another great benefit of indoor plants is that they improve air quality.  With so many voc’s swirling around in our homes today, how nice to think that this simple addition will cleverly filter out nasties like formaldehyde and xylene, not just a pretty face!

There are a few practicalities to keep in mind when selecting and caring for your new addition.

Which plant?

Now please, I’m not talking grandma’s cascading fern hanging from the corner in her pink tiled bathroom.  Like anything, if you’re going to do it, do it properly – think large in scale, wether that be with height or big bold leaves.  Consider the light in your home, a helpful tip is that the darker leaves need less light, this is because they photosynthesise more easily than lighter, coloured and varied leaves.

My favourites are …

Fiddle Leaf Fig – great for height and scale

Philodendrons – beautiful, big, deep green leaves

Schefflera – oval shaped glossy leaves

Bromeliad – will add a real punch of colour

Zanzibar gem – A newbie to the indoor plant scene, a fresh new look

Make it easy for yourself.

A trick I learnt from planting in pots outside applies inside, don’t plant them directly in a big heavy pot.  Select your pot to suit the colour scheme of your interior then place the plant in, still in its plastic pot, making sure the pot is big enough to hide the plastic.  This will make the plant easy to move, hold water in and insulate better than a pourous pot will and even act as a saucer underneath the plant.

Does it come with a care label?

I keep the label that the plant comes with because often it has some great care advice that I can refer back to such as watering frequency and fertiliser requirements.

Here are some other useful tips;

  • I find that when I pick off the dead leaves and flowers, particularly on geraniums, it encourages new growth.
  • Your big leaved friends will also enjoy a wipe down with a damp cloth, an equal mix of water and milk will do wonders.
  • Look out for insects which tend to appear when the plant is suffering a bit of neglect.  Remove the bugs first and if they persist you may need to spray.  I’d research a natural home remedy first before visiting the nursery.
  • Be aware of temperature changes that may affect plant, like direct summer sun and heating / cooling appliances.

I hope you enjoy your indoor plants and they bring many years of beauty, serenity and clean air!

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