Styling your entry: first impressions do count!

When a guest enters my home, I would like them to feel immediately warm and welcomed.  I would like the first impression not only to invite guests further in, but also hint at what is to come.  The entry to a home is often overlooked, however with some clever styling can become a real highlight to enjoy each day.


As with any scheme, it’s often easiest to start from the floor up.  Floor rugs and runners are so versatile and come a multitude of colours, shapes, materials and styles to suit any entry.  Floor rugs will warm the space, reduce noise, suggest the style of the home, inject colour and if well placed, will direct they eye onwards to the main areas of the home.  I love durable grass weave and faded middle eastern rugs.


You can really have fun on the walls in this typically small space.  Play with the forbidden dark paint colours, break up the wall with panelling and even consider including the ceiling.  Mirror panelling is the perfect way to bounce light around and make the space double in size.  Mirror now comes in all sorts of finishes, from traditional silvered to endless antiqued effects.  Wallpapers can make a seriously stylish impact and cover damaged walls.  Try a light timber look wallpaper to cocoon the space and allow the horizontal planks to lead the eye, as suggested with the rug, onwards…


If your space permits, a seat for taking off shoes and a quirky umbrella stand will be welcome additions.  A console creates the perfect surface for a vignette, perhaps with an artwork or mirror hung above.


Hooks and shelves break up the wall and allow for an evolving style.  You can hang practical objects like hats and coats, or have more fun with any of your treasured objects.


Your entry will need adequate lighting and there are many pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamp options available.  If you only use one, I think the best option is a feature pendant light, hung centred from the ceiling to create a general wash of light.


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