Styling your collections: the kookier the better!

I am a firm believer that happiness lies in the simple things.  It’s amazing how much joy a person can find collecting, organising and then just admiring whatever objects their heart desires.  I like to collect teapots, with best intentions to use them though I rarely do.  If you saw my balcony, you might say I collect (and obsessively grow) plants.  It doesn’t matter what you collect so long as it gives you a thrill – and the kookier the better I say!  Collections can be used to great effect in styling your home and showing your personality.

Imagine the person who owns this collection?  I bet the thought made you smile… even if in a slightly odd way.

Fornasetti plates look more like artwork here than a collection and is a good example of how a collection can be styled to really add something special to an interior.  The subtle monochrome palette, warmed up with timber, allows the artworks to take centre stage.


source unknown

This collection isn’t all the same object, but could be more of a theme like their favourite finds at a flea market.

A simple and inexpensive display such as this one can be made more interesting with some fresh flowers.


source unknown

I’ve been thinking of starting two new collections, pottery and hand held clocks!  What do you collect?

9 thoughts on “Styling your collections: the kookier the better!

  1. I totally agree, it’s accents like these that really make a place a home and differentiates it from all the other spaces out there on Pinterest! You’ve picked some gorgeous images, love them!

  2. These collections are so coooOOoool! So cool that I decided to use the universal groOovy language for it.

    Actually, though. I love the look of vintage collections (re: spoons) underneath a modern surface, like a glass coffee table with a translucent shelf underneath it, but then you get this little peak of history.

    My mum collects tiny, tiny vintage teaspoons. And one day I will steal them all.

  3. These collections are AWESOME!!!! I collect masks from around the world. So far I have seven countries represented, and always on the lookout for more. This makes me want to try some new arrangements of my masks on my wall, maybe with some other artifacts thrown in.

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